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Welcome to Drift Crowd!
Welcome to Drift Crowd!

About Us

Welcome to Drift Crowd! A space for all drift and motor enthusiasts looking to have a good time!

As our team of hardcore motor enthusiasts are celebrating 6 years of success with over 15,000 happy customers from the sales of our coilover suspension systems, we are excited to be expanding into the drifting world.

Our journey with DriftCrowd started in 2020 as a team discussion that quickly came into fruition. What can we say, we are passionate about this diverse family of motivational and ever-growing skid lovers and want to create a place for them to call home. Through our site, we are bringing you the whole drift products package: steering, cooling, suspension, you name it! We’ve got it. BC Racing, Fortune Auto, Turbosmart, and Raceseng are just a few of the top-notch, high quality brands working alongside us to deliver the best products to you.

And that’s not all. We are truly excited about growing the drifting community and are dedicating our efforts to  uplift its members and their hard work,  as well as to provide the necessary guidance for newcomers. This is why aside from our products, we are delivering all the drift news and information for your consumption. Through our blogs, drift forums, information on drift events and tracks, and by showcasing the communities all over North America, we hope to strengthen the community and positively impact its growth.

The future of drifting is big, bold and sideways ofcourse!  and our mission is to keep lifting it up, and supporting in the best way we can. So whether you are a pro am driver, drift hobbyist or an all-round enthusiast, we truly welcome you to stick around and experience the community. 


Our brand philosophy is centered around our high standards for management across all our functions. We pride ourselves as a business in providing the best and highest quality solutions and strive to ensure we are consistently improving our overall quality and performance through. This has driven our success and our motto: In everything we do, our customers come first.

Our Focus on Customer Care

When you call, send an email, chat with any one of our representatives, be rest assured that your questions or inquiries will be fully responded to. Our experts truly care about you and your needs and we work extremely hard to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Focus on Continual Improvements

At DriftCrowd, we value your input and feedback. This is one of the reasons for our community forums. We want to be able to interact with you and listen to your suggestions so we are more equipped to better serve you. We are consistently monitoring and improving our efficiency. From the manufacturing stage, to ordering and shipping, we strive for perfection. 

Our Engagement and Leadership

We believe in making unified decisions and our professionals, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors are fully involved in every decision to bring out the best results for you. We all love what we do and are crazy about cars as much as you are! Our passion for the community is our daily driver and we hope you stick alongside us for the wild ride.

If  you want to check out our store, get info on your favourite track and events, or just catch up with some good ol’ drift blogs, stick with us for a while, and feel free to contact us with any suggestions or questions.  Hope to hear from you soon!